In 2021–2023, the Finnish Media Art Network coordinated the project MEHI – Media Art History in Finland. MEHI strengthened media art information infrastructure by collecting and editing the OMA – Ontology for Media Art and the media art database, and published the guidelines for open data. Also, MuuMediaFestival archives were digitised and catalogued during the project. Media art conservation planning was used as a method to delve deeper into the special issues of preserving media art. In 2023, PARVS Publishing Company published the anthology of The First Century of Finnish Media Art.

Portfolio images / Anthology: The First Century of Finnish Media Art, the book cover by Tuomo Tammenpää. / Conservation: Video colorizer (1971), photo by Perttu Rastas. / Media Art Database photo by Vesa Puhakka. / MuuMediaFestival 1995 poster designed by Ilppo Pohjola. / OMA – Ontology for Media Art at the vocabulary service. / Timeline of Finnish media art: PRE by Marikki Hakola, CC BY-SA. Layout and image processing by Anne Virta, Poike Productio.

MEHI project logo is designed by Tuomo Tammenpää.

The MEHI – Media Art History in Finland project was financed by AVEK, Kone Foundation, The Ministry of Education and Culture, Oskar Öflund Foundation, The Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

Mediataideverkoston rahoittajat.

The MEHI – Media Art History in Finland project 2021–2023, led by The Finnish Media Art Network, was realized in a consortium with AV-arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art, M-cult, Artists’ Association MUU, Poike Productio, SOLU / Bioart Society and FLASH – the Finnish Light Art Society.

MEHI-konsortion logot.